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Phone Cases: Celebrity Edition

We all love them - well-known personalities, stars and very important people. They walk over the red carpet, styled from head to toe, and lead a glamorous life. Millions follow the celebrities in magazines, on television, and on social media and are inspired by their lifestyle, because: Well-known personalities show us the latest trends in beauty and fashion. As the stars keep their fans up-to-date on Instagram and Snapchat every day, mobile phones are always there and everywhere else as well. So it is not a far off idea that well-known personalities are always one step ahead with their mobile phone cases designs. You want to make a phone case yourself, but don't know which design to use? No problem! Find out today for which custom case designs well-known personalities have chosen and how to use them  with GoCustomized with our design templates.


1 - floral pattern

Source: Intouch

Celebrities do not wait for someone to give them flowers. They create their own flowerbed, just like Gwen Stefani! At GoCustomized we love our floral designs. Pretty flower patterns are not only beautiful to look at, they are literally always trendy. Psst! They are especially great on a transparent phone case.

2 - Proverbs

Source: Intouch

We used to feel understood by the lyrics of our favourite bands. In 2017, cheeky sayings and memes reflect our emotional state. Some celebrities are particularly sassy and therefore scream - who would have thought it - for a sassy phone case. Reality Show star Kris Jenner wants to say with her mobile phone case design that she has the whole world at her feet.

3 - Initials

source: Dailymail

There are so many celebrities, like grains of sand on a beach. But Victoria Beckham manages to stay at the top. The former Spice Girl has now blossomed into a true style icon and brings with her own fashion label with the necessary spice in the fashion business. Make it Posh Spice and make your name with your initials as a design.

4 - food

source: Intouch

Well-known personalities are like you and me when it comes to food. We all spend the day thinking about what we want to eat next. We all look like a snack (okay, the stars probably look more like a snack than we do). Anyway. Whether pizza, tacos or burgers, everything is better with your favourite food. Incidentally, this also applies to mobile phone cases: Curve wonder Kylie Jenner adorns her cell phone with avocados - the trend motif par excellence.

At GoCustomized, not only celebrities can become designers. Everyone can easily make their own phone case ! In addition to the design templates presented here, you can also upload your favourite photo or add text. You may not become a millionaire, but definitely the owner of a unique case. Order your own sleeve today and you'll get it in just a few days!

Are there any celebrities? Let us know in the comments.

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