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Phone Cases for Foodies!

Hungry for a stylish phone case? Here at GoCustomized we have what it takes to satisfy your appetite. Our website offers you an à la carte menu of delicious food-related designs for your personalized, mouth-watering food phone cases. Just go onto our Customizer, where you will find all the necessary ingredients to bake your own cover. How about a fruity case as an entrée? Followed by a juicy hamburger cover and topped off with a sweet ice cream phone protection? If you are not into pre-cooked meals you can create your own fusion food phone cases by simply uploading your favourite food photos onto your cover! If this is too much information for you to digest, just click ahead to take a look at some more spicy sample designs!

Three Meal Course

Spicy Sample

Spicy food phone cases

Did you know that the hottest chilly 'Naga Jolokiain the world is found in Tezpur, India? It is 855,000 in Scoville Scale, but this is still less hot that your new food phone cases! Spice up your phone on



Sweet Sensation

Pugs and Pastries






Pugs and pastries! Nothing can be sweeter than this combo. Designed by our team with love, this cover will feed all of your sugary desires. Come on, take a bite!

Fresh and Fruity

Fruity food phone cases







How do you pick the best watermelon? You look for a yellow spot and choose the heaviest! How do you pick the best phone case? You go to our website and design your own!

 Aztek Avocado

Avocado case






The avocado is the Aztec symbol of love. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. With this awesome avocado case, you can wear yours on your phone!


 Dragonfruit Delight

Good morning!







100g of dragonfruit has 268 calories. Want to hear the good news? Your GoCustomized food phone cases have zero! Plus, they are vegan and gluten-free! Although your cholesterol levels will stay stable, your heart rate will definitely increase when you wrap this fruity dragonfruit cover around your phone.

 Candy Craze

Candy craze food phone cases







Over 1.76 billion candy canes are produced each year around the world. Red and white stripes - all these candy canes look pretty much alike... But not your phone case. Design your one of a kind, personalized food phone cover on .

Best Sites for Yummy Food Pics

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect food pic for your phone cover. Surely you don't want to be running around your kitchen photographing every dish. This is why we have compiled an assortment of the top three free sites for delicious images.


1. Foodiesfeed - Food photographers from all around the world share their photos here.


2. Unsplash -  Over 550,000 high-resolution photos.


3. Pexels - Great photos that are free for you to use.


Make a foodie case.

  1. Head to
  2. Select your desired case and click ‘Design Now.’
  3. At ‘Upload’ click collections to find the food designs under the ‘Featured’ collections. Or just upload your own images!
  4. Once you have chosen the perfect phone case design, put it in your shopping cart and checkout. We will typically produce the case within 24 hours and ship it to you right away.


Bon Appétit!

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