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    Every day hundreds of products go through our production. Are you wondering how these products are made by the production read on to know more!

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  • Phone Cases: Celebrity Edition

    We all love them - well-known personalities, stars and very important people. They walk over the red carpet, styled from head to toe, and lead a glamorous life. Millions follow the celebrities in magazines, on television, and on social media and are inspired by their lifestyle, because: Well-known personalities show us the latest trends in beauty and fashion. As the stars keep their fans up-to-date on Instagram and Snapchat every day, mobile phones are always there and everywhere else as well. So it is not a far off idea that well-known personalities are always one step ahead with their mobile phone cases designs. You want to make a phone case yourself, but don't know which design to use? No problem! Find out today for which custom case designs well-known personalities have chosen and how to use them  with GoCustomized with our design templates.

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    Many consumers take their smartphone for granted and leave it unprotected. Users often want to keep their device looking new and a phone case is arguably one of the most important devices out there. Just how important are they? In this article, we’ll give you 5 solid reasons as to why phone cases are important.


    Daily protection

    One of the most obvious reasons as to why a phone case is important is to protect your device’s exterior. Smartphones nowadays are not cheap and it is even more costly to send the phone in to repair. A phone case can help save you time and money, while keeping your phone looking fresh out of the box. A newer trend has been to create personalised phone cases, meaning that a unique image can be printed directly on the case.

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    What accessory do you need for your most important device?

    An accessory for an iPhone will make your life so much easier. Here are 5 accessories that can not miss for your iPhone that will definitely increase your phone’s utility!


    Phone cases

    Giving your phone the protection that it deserves is undoubtedly one of the most important things to do. So it’s obvious that the number one accessory on our list is undoubtedly a protective phone case. You can easily choose from many standard phone cases that simply offer the most basic form of protection, however there are many different types of cases that provide extra utility. Whether you’re looking for phone cases that protect your phone from water damage or that can act as a teddy bear, you can find them!

    At GoCustomized, you can find protective yet decorative personalised phone cases that will fulfill your everyday smartphone needs. If you want to ensure that your phone maintains its fresh-out-the-box quality, yet looks amazing, a custom phone case is the best accessory that you can purchase!

    Choose your very own photo from your PC, Facebook or Instagram and add any text you would like using our built in design module. Design your own phone case and unleash your imagination and creativity like you’ve never done before!

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