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power bank

  • Phone battery care tips: how to maximise battery life and battery lifespan

    The battery is the heart of our phones. It supplies our device with power. This way, we can keep our phones on 24/7, take selfies day and night and gossip on social media at any time. The trouble starts when we see the battery icon on our screen turn red and don’t have a charger on us. Or even worse; when after a couple of years with our loyal phone battery companion we notice that its capacity starts to diminish! But don’t worry, there are some ways to avoid these unpleasant situations. Read on if you want to find out how to maximise your battery life and battery lifespan!

    Battery Life

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  • Power Banks Can Be Very Useful!

    Nowadays, it is almost impossible to go without a cellphone. You do everything with it, making calls, take pictures, browsing the internet. None of these crucial activities are possible once your battery runs out. Imagine, you're waiting for your train and you're listening to music, and suddenly your battery runs out. A major annoyance.
    But there is a good solution, a portable charger - power banks! A power bank ensures that you always have a spare battery in with you so that you're prepared at all times on a single charge! The conclusion is; a power bank is super convenient!

    Power Bank Image from GoCustomized

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