Everyday hundreds of products go through our production facility. Are you wondering how these products are made? Read on to know more!

personalised phone cases

Where does it all start?

Our mission is to turn inspiration into physical things, so the big star of the show it’s you. Every person is unique, and we live, decorate things, dress up… according to our own style. This is where we come in to help you turn your everyday accessories into an extension of your personality.

No matter if you’re looking to treat yourself, or to make a gift to someone, you will want to create something according to taste. With our design tool you can easily achieve this!

We are a company specialised on custom accessories and we have a wide selection of products for you to choose from. Our main category is personalised phone cases (we have over 200 models available!) but It doesn’t end there, you can also personalise cases for iPad, clothes, gadgets and lifestyle accessories!

personalised phone cases


Our process begins with you, choose your product and let’s get started.

What do you have to do to design your personalised accessory?

The personalisation process is the same for all our products. Once you know what you want to create, you will be taken to our design tool.

Our design tool has been developed in house by our developer team to satisfy our customers needs. Are you looking to print a single photo? We can do it! Do you want to create a collage? Bring it on! Can I add text, filters, and emojis? Sure thing! What do I do if I’m running out of inspiration? Checkout our design collections – over 50 designs for you to choose from.

Understand the process:

personalised accessories

Choose to personalise a phone case, tablet case, clothes, or accessories

personalised accessories

Have you chosen a phone or tablet case? Then tell us what model you have in this step!

If you chose to customise clothes, select if it’s for woman, men, children, or toddler. Continue by telling us the colour and the size you’re looking for.

personalised accessories

Choose your photo from your gallery (desktop or mobile) or if you’ll like, you can upload your photos directly from your Facebook or Instagram profile.

In this step you can also take a look at our design collection (look for this icon).

personalised accessories collections

We have 9 different categories of designs with images that you can further modify by adding your initials, or that special anniversary date. The choice is yours!

personalised accessories

If you’re looking to add more than one photo to your composition, you’re in the right place. Apart from choosing different grids and background colour, you can also use our premade templates.

personalised templates

personalised accessories

If you’re happy with a single photo, were happy too! But this last step is the cherry on top, for the ones that love personalising everything they touch. Nothing says “this phone is mine” better than putting your name on it (or your initial). You can change the font, size, colour and rotation of your text.

Emojis and filters are also available in this section.

Check out the following video for a short tutorial of our design tool.

What should you do after designing your accessory?

Take your masterpiece with you and continue to payment or add more things into your shopping cart - you can add millions of items, it won’t be as heavy as a real shopping cart! ;)

personalised accessories


Once you have placed an order, your design is immediately sent to our production facility in the centre of Amsterdam. Where a team of hard-working employees are happy to get started with your order.

Step 1: Picking your case. We go through our warehouse to select the type of phone case that you have chosen.

Step 2: Placing the case in the mold. Each phone case fits perfectly in our printing molds. This way we guarantee that all designs will be printed perfectly centered.

Step 3: Putting the mold in the printer + cleaning the cases. We have different printers that are used for different materials and products. For designs that are only printed in the back of the case we use our UV printers. For a full wrap effect, we have our 3D printers. If you would like to know more about our printers, leave us a comment below and we would write a new post about it.

Step 4: Scanning the finished cases. Once your case is printed it will go through a manual quality check to ensure that your phone case looks exactly how you designed it.

Step 5: Wrapping and shipping the case. We send our cases in our custom envelope, but you also have the option to get extra special gift wrapping. The choice is yours!

gift wrapping

Step 6: Case delivered, happy customer! Nothing makes us happier than seeing your final reaction! You can share your brand new case on Instagram with the hashtag #gocustomized for a chance to be featured and win a free case!

production personalised phone cases

Let us know what you think of our production process in the comment section below! If you have tips for us, we would love to hear it.

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