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Question: What case is for me

Cases are great especially those that are personalised. However there are so many different types of cases out there on the market- which one should you choose?. It's time to put this confusion to an end! Lets explore the different types together

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First we will start with your basic cases and move to the more fancy ones.

Silicone Cases

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These cases are the most basic of them all, however do not be fooled they do provide many benefits. There is a reason for these cases being the classic option from all the many different types out there.

Pros Cons
  • The case is made from rubber making them light, soft and flexible. Meaning if you want something that fits like a glove and is easy to put on and take off then this is the case for. Not to mention the rubber is velvety soft - which is always a bonus
  • Velvet feel you say? Don't worry the case provides a good grip and won't slip out of your hands even when it feels so soft!
  • If your phone still falls from your hands, no fear! The silicone case provides a nice padding which is resistant to impact. It also is not prone to scratches and dents
  • The classic look is being revamped
  • These cases tend to be cheaper than the leather or wood cases and they are an Eco-friendly product!
  • They tend to have static build up and lint sticks pretty easily on it. Not to mention it's hard to clean once they are dirty
  • They tend to lose their shape as time goes on - however this is no problem as it’s time for a new case anyways (have you checked out GoCustomized yet?)
  • Some people complain of bulkiness

Who is the case for?

Conclusion: this case is perfect for those who tend to drop their phones quite often or want to be super trendy with the animal shaped cases

Hard Cases

Make your own Samsung Galaxy S7 case


Also one of the classics and comes in the standard hard case or full wrap

Pros Cons
  • The case is made from plastic which absorbs shocks and falls, worst case scenario the case breaks and not the phone - huge plus!
  • It is very slim and smooth which allows for maximum ease for sliding your phone in and out of your back pocket or into your purse.
  • Very affordable
  • More likely to crack or break in an event of a fall - but if this happens a new case cost less than a new phone
  • Because of the glossy finish you may see scratches more easily and it can lose its appeal

Who is this case for?

Conclusion: Those who get bothered by bulky cases and still want to protect their phone. Also would be prime for people into fashion. This is also good if you want something luxurious or at least the feel of it without breaking your bank


Personalised Huawei Ascend P8 case

The wallet case is quickly gaining ground in popularity and rightly so!

Pros Cons
  • The case is multi-functional. It literally is your wallet and phone combined - no more digging around in your purse or carrying 50 things in your hands when you are on the go
  • Not only do they serve more than one function they also protect your phone pretty well. They keep your phone in place and provides all around protection
  • It is quite bulky, especially if you have a lot of bank cards to put in
  • On that note - if you overload it, it can break the wallet portion pretty easily
  • If you tend to lose things then you not only lose your wallet but also the phone

Who is this case for?

Conclusion: This case is for the business man/woman or the one who is always on the go and cannot be burdened with 20 different items to carry around


Image result for pros of cork phone cases Image from Heavy

Now moving onto the wild case, the cork case is definitely a conversation starter

Pros Cons
  • The case is very original, most people do not have this one! Your friends will be jealous for sure
  • It is Eco friendly- which is always a plus! The material is also flexible so it prevents scratches from everyday use and absorbs shock pretty well
  • If you choose vibrant colours it will look very nice
  • It has a unique sponge feel to it
  • It gets dirty very quickly. If you tend to put your phone in your jean pocket the colour of your jeans can transfer to the case
  • Buttons on the sides are not cut out so it may be difficult to use
  • The cover does not come up over the phone so if it falls face down there is not much protection for it

Who is this case for?

Conclusion: The case is perfect for those who want to be unique and do not mind random people talking to them


These are just a few cases that are being offered. You can always create your own personalised one at GoCustomized - we offer these cases and many more! Is there a favourite type of case you know about? Let us know in the comments!

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