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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. The premium housing of glass and metal, Android 7.0, and of course the S Pen stylus, makes the Tab S3 a striking device. Do you want to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and why this product is already so popular? Then read on!

The Galaxy Tab S3 is actually an amalgamation of the Tab S series of tablets and the Note series with useful writing and drawing grommets with the S Pen. You can use the tablet like a regular tablet - watching movies, browsing, you know the drill! But for the serious and / or creative, the Tab S3 has a lot to offer.

Table S3 Image from Samsung.com

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 screen

Of course, the Tab S3 has Samsung's famous Super AMOLED screen. This creates deep contrasts, and very nice colours. There is one thing that is new that we can enjoy. The Galaxy Tab S3 screen can also handle HDR - high dynamic range - content. A variant with a smaller screen does not exist at this time.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 camera

In any case, the tablet features a 12 megapixel camera on the back, and a 5 megapixel lens on the front, while Samsung stopped a 6000 mAh battery in the case.

Table S3 Image from Samsung.com


Price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

However, the Tab S3 is by far the most luxurious Samsung tablet ever released - with a corresponding price tag. The Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen offers more functionality than a standard tablet is obvious. Therefore the price is also much higher. The Wi-Fi version has a suggested retail price of € 679 - while the version with 4G connection is € 769. You can already order at Samsung itself. Order him during the pre-order period until March 30 - and you can get a free keyboard cover worth € 129.99.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with pen.

What do you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3? And what do you think of the pen that goes along with the Tablat. Let us know in the comments! Below you can view a video of how the Samsung Galaxy TabS3 will look and how everything works.


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