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  • Top 20 Samsung S9 wallpapers

    You have just bought the brand new Samsung S9 and are looking for inspiration for the perfect wallpaper? Have you ever thought of matching your wallpaper and your phone case or changing it according to the current season or your mood? If you are a movie lover like us, the wallpaper below is perfect for you! Read on to check out our 20 favorite wallpapers for your phone!

    movie wallpaper

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  • Battery life of Android phones

    We all know it: you are on your way to an important meeting or a nice day and suddenly, you are stuck in traffic. All you want to do is send a quick message that you will be late but your phone dies on you. There you are now, not knowing how to contact the person. We simply depend on our smartphones in many situations nowadays. Therefore, a long battery life is extremely important. Read on if you want to find out more about the battery life of Android phones!

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  • Comparison: Samsung S9 Vs. iPhone X

    Just recently, on February 25th, Samsung unveiled the brand new Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ to the public. Before, the South-Korean technology giant announced them to be direct competitors for the iPhone X. So lets have a closer look: in fact, there are many similarities but also several differences. Read on if you want to find out more.


    samsung s9 iphone x

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    Yesterday it was time! The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 PLUS were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The two mobile phones are among the top models of the South Korean market leader. Read on to find out which new features the models offer and whether it's worth buying!



    The Samsung Galaxy S9 features a 5.8-inch, nearly rimless, OLED display, with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,960 pixels. Even the big brother, the Galaxy S9 PLUS, has an OLED display, but this one has a display size of 6.2 inches.
    Samsung's own Exynos 9810 processor, which has eight cores (4 x 2.7 GHz, 4 x 1.7 GHz) and is said to be much faster and better than the predecessor of the S8, is responsible for the top two models. The memory of the Samsung Galaxy S9 remains unchanged at 4 gigabytes. Only the memory of the S9 PLUS has grown to 6 gigabytes. The battery capacity remains unchanged. The Galaxy S9 is still available 3000 mAh, the Galaxy S9 PLUS 3.500 mAh.
    A clear difference to its predecessor is visible when looking at the back of the new models. The fingerprint sensor is, after a few complaints in the predecessor, slipped a significant amount down and now sits centrally under the camera.

    Samsung Galaxy S9Source:


    The second big divider between the two S9 models is next to the display, the camera. While customers of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have to be satisfied with a 12 megapixel single camera, the Galaxy S9 PLUS customers can enjoy a dual camera with 2 x 12 megapixels. The second camera of the S9 PLUS OIS (optical image stabilizer) has a comparatively long focal length.


    The price of the basic version of the S9 is just under £739, that of the S9 PLUS at just under £869. Pre-order the new top smartphones from 25 February. From 16 March, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9 PLUS to come in the trade.


    In addition to the actual smartphone, proper protection also plays a very important role. Of course, if you spend so much money on a new phone, you want it to look as good as new for as long as possible. An ordinary cell phone case would be too boring and too impersonal. To properly protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 PLUS, you can now customize your Galaxy S9 phone case with GoCustomized. Here you can, for example, with your favorite photo or a quote make the phone case itself.


    What do you think of the new Samsung models? Let us know in the comments!

  • The best phone deals of the month

    An everyday life without a smartphone, it is hardly thinkable. They are our daily companions and support us in everyday life, for example by navigating to the nearest restaurant or just listening to music.
    Unfortunately, smartphones are becoming more expensive and not everyone has the desire and the money for the latest top smartphone. Read on to find the best mobile deals of the month!

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor iphone 8Source:

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 release is officially announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). There are already many rumors about the technology around display, camera and fingerprint sensor. It is already clear that, as usual, there will be a slightly larger version, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

    Read on to learn all about the new Samsung Galaxy S9!

    Source :

    For years now, Apple and Samsung contend for the best smartphone of the year. Certainly it is true that every year the iPhone and Samsung smartphones are always the devices of the moment. So every time a new model is released we ask: "And now who is the best?" In this article we will analyse the two giants of the telephone industry to see if there is a winner or whether this fight is going to last longer. Read on to learn more!

    Related image Source: macworld

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  • Samsung announces Bixby 2.0, the new voice assistant

    A few weeks ago, Samsung announced it will introduce the second generation of its Bixby voice assistant during the Samsung Developer Conference 2017 held in San Francisco. Samsung is not going to stay behind its major rivals, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so it has brought some new features to the previous version of Bixby. Curious? Continue reading to know more.

    source: Ubergizmo

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  • How to change your background for Samsung and iPhone

    Autumn brings cold winds and rainy days. The thoughts wander off into the holidays, to sunny temperatures, palm trees and sand between your toes. Just leave the office, pack the suitcase and head off to the airport .... The shrill ringing of the phone in the office makes us return to reality. Being on vacation now would be just too good to be true! But a small consolation remains: Beautiful background images for the smartphone can help us dream, motivate with motifs, revive memories - or simply bring variety into everyday life! Find out in our article today how you can easily set background images on Android phones and iPhones.

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  • The New Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Today, we introduce to you to the latest jewel of the South Korean technology giant Samsung - the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. A new smartphone, targeting the business clientele and those who want more. Samsung is back. The Note 8 has remedied the "unpleasant" experiences with the explosive batteries of the Note 7. You want to know more about the new smartphone? Then stay tuned.

    Source: Concept Creator

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