• Battery life of Android phones

    We all know it: you are on your way to an important meeting or a nice day and suddenly, you are stuck in traffic. All you want to do is send a quick message that you will be late but your phone dies on you. There you are now, not knowing how to contact the person. We simply depend on our smartphones in many situations nowadays. Therefore, a long battery life is extremely important. Read on if you want to find out more about the battery life of Android phones!

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  • How to: Replace your smartphone screen

    Nowadays, smartphones are increasingly evolving: they have better systems, better applications, better materials are used, and design is also more appealing. Yet there is a feature that even the biggest companies fail to improve. We are talking about screen strength. Most people have already found themselves in such a situation where the phone falls or hits an object, and the screen inevitably shatters. So how can you solve this problem? Continue reading to know more.

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  • Xiaomi Smartphones from China

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    Huawei is now the most common word. With its smartphones, the Chinese company has already left many companies behind. But in 2014, another smartphone manufacturer from China has made it into the news: Xiaomi. At first sight the company is hardly different from its competitor Huawei: with good technology, a great design and a comparatively low price the Huawei has no chance compared to the Xiaomi smartphones. Today, we will introduce to you the latest Xiaomi Mi A1 model and give you a glimpse into the strategy of the leading Chinese mobile phone manufacturer.

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