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    WhatsApp’s new end-to-end encryption service is here! If you’re a WhatsApp user, you definitely saw the yellow message that randomly popped up in the middle of your chat box. This message refers to the new end-to-end encryption service that is being used in the newest version of the popular messaging service. So what exactly does this mean for us and our beloved messenger?

    What is the new WhatsApp Encryption about?

    whatsapp encryption


    Simply put: From now on, your messages are only sent and readable between you and your messaging partner. No more intelligence agencies, no more hackers, not even WhatsApp and their Facebook owners. Over the past six months, the development team over at WhatsApp had been developing this new security feature. A new type of software called TextSecure from the non-profit organisation “Open Whisper Systems” is being use in order to allow for this feature to be possible. So not only will your messages be protected from spying eyes, but also all your photos, videos, voice messages and calls.


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    A good or bad April Fool's joke?

    For pranksters all around the world, April Fool's is one of the best days of the year. During the day, they can let their imagination run wild and unleash their craziest pranks. However it’s not only regular civilians that celebrate this comical day, but also large companies. Which companies had the best April 1st joke? And which ones had the worst?

    T-Mobile's Binge On Up Device

    This year, T-Mobile undoubtedly had one of the more creative jokes of 2016. They created an advertisement that promoted a new “Binge On” device, which is a slight reference to the new virtual reality devices that have been coming out recently. All you have to do is attach a smartphone to a device that is placed on your head like a hat and you can watch videos and TV on the blazing fast T-Mobile network at any time, right in front of your eyes. This commercial without a doubt shows how creative and ridiculous T-Mobile can be!

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