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The Best Gadget for Campers, Travelers and Festival-goers

You already have your next trip planned? Perhaps you are going to a weekend festival and are planning to camp? It's time to equip yourself properly to have the most chill camping spot. We have gathered, in this article, all the gadgets and accessories that are super cool that will become indispensable for your next adventures! It's also provides great gift ideas. Read on to discover them ...

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Whether after a busy night at a festival or just receding into the middle of nature after a long day of walking, it is important to have a good spot with all the necessary comfort to chill. Here are the top 9 best gadgets for all campers, travelers and explorers ...

1 - The inflatable sofa

You've probably seen it all over social media but it's the indispensable accessory of the summer (or even winter)! It is compact, you can fold it easily and to open it all you need is to make the air pass into it by waving it around to inflate it. It is possible use is as bed or as a chair. The inflatable sofa is waterproof and floats if you want to use it as a mattress in the lake or pool.

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2 - The Solar Powered External Battery

No plug and running out of battery? The external battery is your friend! There are external waterproof batteries, which work with solar energy. Thus, you will always have the battery for your electronic devices. No sun? These batteries often have an extra battery that works in cloudy weather. You can always opt for a normal external battery that will help you everyday and that are very compact like customized GoCustomized power banks.

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3 - A reinforced phone case

You often go on adventures? Of course, your phone follows you everywhere. When traveling, or doing sports outside or even in a festival, it is important to protect it well to avoid any breakages. GoCustomized offers the customized tough cases, ideal for adventurers! With its extra reinforcement on the inside, it prevents your smartphone from breaking in the event of a fall.

4 - The Compact BBQ

When you are out in the open air, BBQ immediately comes to mind! What's better than a good little grill? When you are at a festival, hiking or on a road trip, there are grills more or less compact that you can take with you everywhere. You can enjoy grilled skewers or marshmallows at any time!

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5 - Multi-use cooler

Not necessarily the most compact, but super convenient! You can listen to music (loudly), while cooling your beers. The perfect combo for afternoons with friends!

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6 - Mini video projector

On a road trip? It would be nice to be able to have outdoor cinema evenings wouldn't it? You can opt for a mini LED video projector with Bluetooth connection. Simply pull a sheet between two trees or even on the surface of your tent and you have a screen ... pretty chill right?

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7 - The USB key / Extra memory

Do you have an iPhone and can not add a card with more memory? This USB stick is the solution for all travelers. You can add movies to the USB from your computer and play them from your phone. It also works in the other direction. For example, you took a lot of pictures on your phone and your memory is full. This USB is the perfect way to move them from one device to another, so you can remove them from your phone while storing them.

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8 - The espresso machine

As a true coffee lover, you can not live without your espresso! The compact espresso machine is for you! Forever done with the dissolve-able coffee - now  you can enjoy really coffee with a scenic view!

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9 - Reader

Whether it's the Kindle or a Kobo, the Reader is the perfect gift for all travelers. Lightweight, compact, waterproof, with no glare, it allows you to take your library anywhere with you. The battery holds for the road for a long time and you have an indefinite choice of books, without carrying the weight!

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What are your camping essentials? Leave a comment for us to discover them!

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