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The New Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Today, we introduce to you to the latest jewel of the South Korean technology giant Samsung - the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. A new smartphone, targeting the business clientele and those who want more. Samsung is back. The Note 8 has remedied the "unpleasant" experiences with the explosive batteries of the Note 7. You want to know more about the new smartphone? Then stay tuned.

Source: Concept Creator

The huge display with 6.3 inches and less rounded corners is probably the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the new device. The pressure-sensitive display is equipped with a virtual home button and has phenomenal technology: like an Always-On Display it is also possible to view the time, notifications and the battery status in the lock mode. The resolution is in QHD + on a SuperAMOLED display, which leads to truly unique images.

Image result for note 8 always on Source: AndroidPIT

The other new feature that the Samsung Note 8 brings with it is a dual camera with 12 megapixels each. This allows even sharper photos to be made with excellent contrast. With the cooperation of both cameras, which have different visual fields, it makes it possible to create blurry images with the popular portrait effect. The only shortcoming of the mobile phone is the battery. It is unfortunately too small with 3300 mAH, in order to fully utilize the functions of Note 8.

The real distinction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is, however, the S Pen at the bottom of the device. Removing the pen from its holder will activate the on-screen menu with the main functions. One can, among other things, provide screenshots with a handwritten note. In addition, the S-Pen can be used to translate single words quickly and easily by selecting the desired language and moving the pen across the word to be translated. One of the most amazing features is the Intelligent Selection. It allows you to cut a part of the display and even play a video to create a GIF with personal texts and drawings.

Image result for note 8 selezione intelligente Souce: PianetaNotizie.it

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