All week long, you look forward to Friday evening. It’s the best day of the week to meet up with friends, socialize and go out. You’re in town at around 10 PM and check your phone to find a message from your friends saying, “Hey, we were a little early so we’ve already headed to the pub! See you later!”. After about 20 minutes of cycling around the city, you finally find the pub and are about you message your friends, only to find that your battery is dead. Now that’s a bummer. How are you going to find your friends? Or take great pictures of your evening?


Everyone has experienced this at least once and often at the worst possible moment. So what can you do to prolong your battery life?

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The Wire Cutter did a survey and has the following tips:


Lower your screen’s brightness

Your phone’s screen takes the most energy. If you set your phone’s brightness to the minimum, then your iPhone would use 54% less battery power and Android phones would use 30% less. It is often difficult to read a dark screen, so the best way to fix this setting would be to turn on the auto-brightness feature, so you don’t constantly have to change the setting.


Download an ad blocker

If you’re browsing the web on your phone, using Safari, Google Chrome or any mobile browser, consider downloading an ad blocker. This makes sure that no ads pop up anywhere. It’s often the case that ads will hide themselves in another tab and as we all know, the more tabs, the more battery intensive.


Turn off push notifications

Push notifications can have a huge impact on your battery life. Don’t know what push notifications are? Essentially if you receive an email or a direct message from friends, your phone would automatically notify you and a “push notification” would pop up on your screen. It slowly eats at your battery life, especially if you’re very social.


Listen to downloaded music instead of streaming it

Streaming music for two hours can take up approximately 10% of your battery life. However, if you purchase music and place it on your phone directly, then 2 hours of use may only use up 5%.

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Bad connection kills your battery

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your phone’s battery quickly drains when you don’t have a good connection. This is because your phone tries its best to improve the connection and as a result, it uses more energy. You could try and find a better location to browse your phone.


Check your battery usage

In the list of battery usage, you can see which apps are most intensive. We recommend turning off running in the background options for these apps.


Turn off location

Some apps, such as Google Maps, want access to your location so that they can function best. This requires a lot of battery power from your phone because your GPS must be turned on and is constantly tracking your phone.



There are a few myths about improving your battery life:


  1. Closing apps
  2. Turning off Wi-Fi
  3. It is better to use a WiFi connection than your data


These facts have no effect on your battery life, so you shouldn’t worry about them!


Do you have good tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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