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Trending: Geometric Designs

Stuck on creating a totally awesome phone case because you want something classy and cool yet unique? Geometric designs are always trending and can allow your imagination flow, from simple shapes to intricate lines. Need ideas? Then keep reading!

Your geometrical designs do not have to be restricted to just your standard three circles, a line, and 5 boxes. On the contrary you can mix and match many elements!

Color blocking

You can play with your favourite colours to break up the monotonous single coloured case. You can do this by using different shapes (triangles being the easiest) and then adding stencils of the shape in an opposing direction to the coloured ones. This creates contrast that is appealing to the eye. To tie it all together and to add a bit more stylistic flavour to your case you can add text that can play to the theme of the case.


Many people say "go big or go home," however for a phone case it's all in the details. Sometimes simplicity is key. By picking your favourite shape you can instantly play it up while keeping it interesting! Add a darker textured version of the shape behind it to create interesting depth. To break up the monotone colours you can add a pop of colour randomly in your design to keep it alive.

If you are more of the dare devil variety - like to keep everyone on their toes, then you can add some new shapes to the mix with even more contrasting patterns. The trend of mixing patterns does not have to be just restricted to clothes! You can show off being fashion forward at all times with your phone!

Mix and Match


If you want to be bold and are ready for constant compliments then you can mix and match all the different elements that we have mentioned before. The key here is artistic layering. First start with the background and work your way up adding elements that cohesively work. You can layer systematically (on the left), where it is variations of the same shape ending with the geometric leaf. Or you can randomly place shapes with similar patterns to create an abstract work of art and let your imagination run free!

Regardless if you choose to do a simple design or a complicated masterpiece designing your phone case at GoCustomized is fun and easy! To add some extra wow to your case design a personalised tough case which extends the design all the way around!

Feeling inspired or have more ideas for geometric designs then let us know!

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