What is the best phone case for an iPhone X?

Are you also a technology addict, always looking for new devices and gadgets? If so, you probably signed up for the waiting list for the new iPhone X months prior to the release to make sure your one of the first proud owners. To make sure it stays looking brand new for a long time (or at least until the next iPhone is released...), you should make sure to protect it in the best way possible. Read on to find out which phone cases are the best for your iPhone X!


Hard Cover

The hard cover has a very elegant look and is not at all bulky. It is perfect for everyone who wants to protect their new iPhone X but also keep its neat appearance without spending a ton of money.

To create a custom hard cover case, you can upload pictures, patterns or text. You can also choose from our designs. Get started HERE.

Hard Cover with full print

We also offer the option to design a hard cover case with a full print: it is perfect for those who also want the classic style but with an extra touch of originality. Your picture will not only be printed on the back of the case but also on the edges. It's an excellent combination of design and utility.

Soft Cover

If you use your phone all day it is almost inevitable that you will drop at some point. You can relate? Then the soft cover is the perfect option for you as it offers greater protection for your iPhone X. The print of your picture or design on your phone is also highly resistant and therefore, very difficult to scratch. But there are even more benefits: our soft covers are made out of silicone using eco-friendly materials and it is also very easy to remove the cover from your phone. It's excellent if you have many different cases and like them to match your outfit or mood of the day.

Wallet Case

The book cover is ideal for you if you are a super organized person. But also if you are not, it will help you to find a way to keep the most important things always at hand. With 3 pockets, our wallet case allows you to store your most important cards and even cash. The magnet closing system ensures that your wallet case is securely closed.

Tough Case

This type of cover combines the hard case with the soft case, making your iPhone X basically indestructible. For a slightly higher price than the two other cases mentioned, the level of protection is substantially higher! At the same time, this doesn't mean you have to compromise the great look of your iPhone X: with us you can customize your cover by uploading photos not only from your computer, but also from Facebook or Instagram. And if you are still lacking some inspiration, don't worry! Our creative team is always working on new designs for you, which you can find in our user-friendly customizer!

You don't have a case to effectively protect your new iPhone X yet? Just head over to our website and get creative! Don't forget to let us know which cover you chose in the comments!

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