What is the perfect picture for your Tinder profile?

Let's say it how it is: Online dating is superficial. Within a few seconds, we decide if we want to meet another person or not. It ultimately comes down to the first two seconds which makes the first profile the most important - swipe right or left.

And for that reason it is so important that you choose the perfect photo to increase your dating opportunities.

We have a few tips for you today, how to choose the best image for your Tinder profile and make you irresistible.

1. Photos with animals are always good

Profile pictures with animals can make a person seem a lot more sympathetic. They show that you can take responsibility for other creatures and that you can build emotional connections. In addition, the animals make sure that the person viewing your photo transfers the positive emotions that she has for the animal to you. Especially women, find men attractive, which show themselves with animals, as it radiates a certain attraction.

So grab your cat, dog, turtle, goldfish or the like and shoot a nice photo. If you do not have a pet, you can simply borrow the dog from your best friend for a photo. Animals are also great as a conversation starter.

2.  Prefer to take a picture with your best friends

It is also tempting to use a photo of the last weekend's super party with your buddies or best friends to show how much fun you can have if you want to land matches on Tinder. A group photo leaves the question open to whom the profile belongs at all and in most cases leads to swiping to the left.

Instead, use a photo that you can see on your own and watch your background. Photos in the open, doing hobbies in the photos, which generally show your personality are the best. Mirror-selfies with the open toilet in the background should be avoided. If you can not leave the mirror selfie, at least make sure you have a cool, individual mobile phone cover that expresses your personality.

3. Do not overdo the filters

Another Tinder-No-Go is excessive retouching and the use of numerous filters. Since all possible flaws are softened with apps like "Facetune" until the person in the picture looks like another man. Also annoying: Snapchat filter. Perhaps you find that you are particularly cute with the popular "dog filter", however, such filters lead to the fact that there is hardly anything to be recognized by the human being. It looks so stupid and excessive filter use almost always indicates uncertainties. Rather look for your folds, rolls, and eyes.

Self-awareness is much more exciting than any filter in the world. In addition, the person expects - if it should come to a date - no nasty surprise.

If you respect these tips, your matches should definitely increase. If you have more, please let us know in the comments!

And if you're still stupid to the left and right, take a break and create a unique mobile phone case on our website.

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