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What Kind of Case are You?

Are you basically anti-organization? Does your phone often "mysteriously" fall? Have you recently bought a new cell phone and need something totally awesome to protect it? Or are you just looking for something discreet for your new communication life line? From GoCustomized we would like to help you figure out what the best type of case is for your phone. We know that sometimes it can be a tedious and hard task to know the pros and cons of each case and that it may be easier to do without them. But today we present the case according to your personality. you'll be surprised!

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You are clumsier than the average person

Yes, we know that it is hard to admit it ... but even your neighbors know. A cell phone in your hands is a cell phone in danger! The material of the phone case is rubber, which cushions any blow or fall. Protect your phone all over the back face of the phone, and completely cover the sides. You will not have to worry any more about those nasty scratches and chips and you will be able to assure your phone has a longer life. In addition, the silicone will not break even with the fall, so you will have a double peace - meaning your case will also last basically a life time.

Fashion forward or trendy is your middle name

You are on top of it - always scouting and predicting those trends before anyone else and you are always looking for a way to wear the latest fashion. And of course, you can not forget to showcase the latest trend on the market on your phone! That's why we know what kind of phone case you are: the hard case. With it you can print all kinds of designs, and in addition, the different finishes, in matte and glossy offer the opportunity to give a much more unique personalisation.  This case will make literally everyone even more jealous than usual! In addition, the definition of the image on the hard plastic material reflects more accurately all its details, it will even be difficult to distinguish the original photo of the printed design on the case!

You are the definition of organisation

You are the best friend of order. We know what case you are. And it's your lucky day, because in our online store we have the case that is you. Yes, you've probably guessed it - a wallet case. Not to mention it will make your life easier and even more organized than it is now. Your wallet case added to the cover of the case will allow you to organize all your cards and documents. And if you are very fanatical about accumulating business cards I think this will be your perfect case. You will be able to forget your wallet, since now you will have the opportunity to have a mobile phone and wallet all in one! The functionality is incredible and the protection is offers your phone is also a big plus.

You are in touch with nature

Finding a good substitute for plastic is not easy, and some times can mean it doesn't look nice. If you need excellent protection for your cell phone but you try to avoid from materials like plastic then the bamboo wood case is made for you. It is a real wood substitute that gives a very elegant finish to your phone. The most fantastic thing of all is that you have two design options on it: engraved or printed.

Tell us what type of case you identify more with and write your comments here. And if you can not wait to get the personalised case that best suits your personality and use and you know that you just have to visit our online store where you will find all kinds of personalised cases.

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