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Where is my mobile?

Key? Check. Purse? In the bag. Mobile?Wait a second ... where is my cell phone?
Everyone knows this situation, this mini-heart attack, when you believe your phone is lost. Whether at home, lost or stolen, or in the worst case scenario, we help you to find your favourite companion today.

1 - The Android Device Manager (ADM)

This Google service is the easiest way to determine the location of your mobile phone. So what are we waiting for? First, you'll need to sign in to your Google Account. Since after the purchase of an Android phone a Google Account must be created and one is logged in after the first login, this is in most cases already given. This keeps Google's location from being connected to your Google servers. FUN FACT: This also makes the real-time traffic situation possible in Google Maps.

In order to be able to locate your mobile phone, some prerequisites must first be fulfilled:

1. Your phone must be connected
2. It must be connected to the Internet
3. It must be set that the Android Device Manager can find your mobile phone
4. Optional: allows the ADM to lock your phone and delete all data
5. You can find the settings for the Android Device Manager in the Settings for your Google Account. By default, the ADM is allowed to find your mobile phone. It is also configured not to lock your mobile phone or to delete data. Therefore, it is recommended to change this setting to be sure in the event of the event.

If you have done these things, you can start tracking them. You can choose between several options. For example, you can find your mobile phone with the Google search engine. For this you go to Google and enter "where is my mobile phone" into the search line. Google will then show you on a map the current location of your mobile phone. If you have lost sight of your mobile phone at home, you can use the "ring" option to ring it and find it quickly.

Is your mobile phone nowhere to be found and you fear that it was actually stolen? Do not worry, your data can still be protected against a thief! For this, you go into the Android Device Manager and sign in with your Google account. In the next step you can change the password for the password lock and delete all data from your phone so that it is reset to the factory state.

2 - Find My Mobile from Samsung

If you have lost a Samsung phone, you can use Samsung's own location feature "Find My Mobile". As with the ADM of Google, it is necessary to create a Samsung account beforehand and to keep the registration data ready. After that you can get started with the location: For this you go to the Find My Phone website from Samsung and log in to your account. Samsung will then find your mobile phone for you.


3 - Dropbox for Android and iOS

If nothing really helps, the Dropbox can help you bring your phone and you together again. For this, your device must be connected to the Internet and the "Upload camera" function must be activated. If this is the case, we get to the difficult part: someone has to take photos with your lost cell phone. In this way, each time the thief takes a photo with the mobile camera, the photo is loaded into your Dropbox. Selfies or recording of the environment could help identify the thief of your mobile phone!

Be a step ahead of the thief! Prepare for the worst by keeping your account data secure and checking the settings for useful tools like Google's ADM, Samsung's Find My Mobile feature, or the Dropbox. This allows you to be sure that your pictures are protected and you can continue to create your own personal mobile phone cover.

We want to know from you: Was your cell phone ever stolen?

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