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Should I purchase a phone case? Everyone asks this questions when they first get a new smartphone, but understandably so, because smartphones are very expensive. You’ll find out the benefits of personalised phone cases and why you save yourself money by buying one!

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Why should you get a phone case?


  1. Protection

Without a phone case, your smartphone is exposed to countless dangers. Every once in a while, your phone falls down accidentally, or your keys will scratch your device’s screen. Even without such accidents, your smartphone will start becoming damaged, whether they’re scratches, dents or cracks. There’s always a chance that it ends poorly and your phone will no longer be functional. Broken keys or long charging times are the last thing that you ever want to see from your smartphone. A phone cover is the perfect form of protection and saves you all of this.


  1. You save money

A damaged smartphone is bad for your wallet. Repairs can sometimes cost more than £100 and sometimes it can be more expensive that your smartphone in the first place. Furthermore, it’s definitely annoying that you can’t use your phone, while it’s being repaired. Consider the fact that repairs also reduce the value of your smartphone, meaning that you will have to sell it for a lower price. At GoCustomized, you can purchase a personalised phone case for just £14.95. It doesn’t get any better for you, especially when you consider just how much money you would save.


  1. All smartphones look the samephone case 1


It doesn’t matter if you have a Galaxy, iPhone or Xperia – at the end of the day, all phones look more or less the say. A phone case is a great chance to stand out of the crowd. Additionally, it’s also a possibility to constantly change your phone case based on how you feel that day.


  1. You can create a personalised phone casephone case 3


Does everything about personalised phone cases sound great so far, but all designs are boring online? That’s true! We believe that you and only you know exactly what case you’d like to receive. So at GoCustomized, you are the designer. You should never feel limited as to how you can create a phone case, because you can receive the case just how you want it. More importantly, you can ensure that your phone case is absolutely unique to you!


  1. The case will match your outfitphone case 2


Do you always coordinate your accessories to match your outfit? With a custom phone case, your outfit will finally be complete, because your most valuable device will finally match your look.


So now you know why you should purchase a phone case! If you’re unsure, which phone case fits you best, then take a look at our case types and even try your hand at our personality test.


Have fun designing!


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