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Since you're most likely changing your wardrobe along with the changing weather, why not also change the cover for your phone? My favorite personal favourites are wood and cork cases! So, that is what we will look at today!

Cork case exmaples Image from

Cork case examples Image from

First, to start, I wanted to show you how the cases are made. In the following video you can see how they are produced:

Great, right?

For now our most popular wood and cork cases are for the iPhone, but people are always interested in these cases, and they are available for other phones. Simple! And considering their price, why not go for it?

1. Wooden case with marble

Cork case examples Image from

2. Elephant wooden case design

Cork case examples Image from

3. Cork case with quote

hulls of wood and cork

Do you see why I find these types of cases so awesome? As we have already discussed, my favorite cases are made from wood. It is very easy and original. And it's also nice to have a pattern etched on the case.

4. Cork case with card slots

cork case example Image from

This cork case resembles a tree trunk and is really original, right? It is also engraved!

5. Cork case with a mandala

Cork case examples

Or you can also design your case with a mandala.

On GoCustomized , you can also create your own wooden or cork case with your design. Take a look at our shop!

What do you think of the style of these cases? We look forward your opinion!

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