Announced long ago, Facebook's Workplace has finally arrived! The platform was created by Facebook, but unlike the social network, you will have to pay to use it. If you want to know what is on offer with Workplace, keep reading...

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The aim of this new platform will be along the same lines as Facebook, but to also have the important function of helping to organise a business' work. Basically, with Workplace, Facebook will try to compete with the giants of the business world such as LinkedIn and Slack.

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How it works ?

It works just like the social network we all know. So, there are group chat, RSS feeds, the option to broadcast live video, and all the tools that we are accustomed to using. Workplace is effectively a place where employees of a company can be found, without having to be in the same place to exchange ideas and propose new solutions. What will perhaps be the highlight of the platform is that there will be a home screen with graphs and statistics, and it works like LinkedIn to access different companies and connect them to each other.

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Some doubts

Workplace is already available in some parts of the world and for some companies. Among the nearly 1,000 companies that decided to test this platform are some famous companies such as Starbucks, and Danone. In a few days, Workplace will be available to everyone and all businesses can open an account. For now, this service is not free, but gradually as the number of members will increase, the less expensive it will be. Unfortunately, not everything is quite clear when it comes to confidentiality. Indeed, all business data has the potential be pirated and the company's employees could be monitored by their employer. What do you think ? At GoCustomized, we are curious to know your opinion!

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