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Xiaomi Smartphones from China

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Huawei is now the most common word. With its smartphones, the Chinese company has already left many companies behind. But in 2014, another smartphone manufacturer from China has made it into the news: Xiaomi. At first sight the company is hardly different from its competitor Huawei: with good technology, a great design and a comparatively low price the Huawei has no chance compared to the Xiaomi smartphones. Today, we will introduce to you the latest Xiaomi Mi A1 model and give you a glimpse into the strategy of the leading Chinese mobile phone manufacturer.

1 - The Xiaomi Mi A1

It's the inside ​​that counts? With the Mi A1: its fast Snapdragon 625 SOC processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, the latest of the Xiaomi phones has earned its place among the high-end smartphones. Since it came from a collaboration with Google, the Mi A1 is equipped with Android One. The user can look at a screen which is 13.9 centimeters, which is pretty impressive. It also has a 12 megapixel camera with a telephoto lens on the back. It has two cameras and an additional fingerprint sensor on the back of the mobile phone as well as the demarcation strip to the display on the front. The Xiaomi Mi A1 is offered in black, gold and rosé-gold - this is a clear resemblance to the iPhone. If your smartphone slows quickly and you have to use the charging cable during the day, then this will be musicto your ears...the Mi A1 holds about 24 hours of battery without charging. But see for yourself, be amazed and fall in love!

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2 - The business model

With its powerful smartphones, Xiaomi is working with major manufacturers and has been titled "Apple of China". The business model, however, strongly differentiates itself from Apple: With a profit margin of only 31 percent (comparison Apple 69 percent), the bulk of the sales does not come from the sales of the smartphones, which makes them so unbeatable inexpensive. Instead, Xiaomi earns the most money through services on its MIUI platform.


3 - The MIUI platform

Xiaomi is known worldwide for its excellent and unique user interface. The support for the software MIUI, which is based on Android is not set, which is why new Android versions such as 5 Lollipop are always delivered by Xiaomi - a great advantage when buying a smartphone. Unlike Apple, where older iPhones are no longer compatible with the latest version of iOS from a certain point in time, Xiaomi even provides older models with indefinite updates. Consumers are convinced of the advantages of mobile phones: the MIUI Community has already grown to more than 20 million people and continues to develop.

Source: Miui

Despite the powerful power inside the Xiaomi Mi A1, the mobile phone is exposed to lingering dangers such as involuntary falls and sharp objects in the bag, and is therefore dependent on the protection of its owner. As with many smartphones, the mobile phone is not provided with the standard accessories of the Mi A1. Here at GoCustomized, there are protective mobile phone covers that really fit you! In our Customiser you can design your own case.

We want to know from you: What do you think about the Xiaomi smartphones from China and do you own perhaps one? Let us know in the comments!

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