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You are bored of all mobiles looking the same and you want to stand out from the crowd? We have the perfect solution for you: Making your own LG G5 photo case in only a few simple steps! Start off by choosing your favourite image or photo. It can be one of your personal photos or a nice design you found on the internet. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to add a text, a beautiful quote or an important date to make your LG G5 custom case even more unique. You also have the opportunity to create a collage using multiple photos. Creating your LG G5 photo case is a great way to immortalise your favourite memories and always have them with you. Before placing the order please check your design to make sure your case will be produced exactly as imagined. As soon as we receive your order our production team will take of it and produce it as quickly as possible. We will make sure to produce and ship your LG G5 custom case within 24 hours. Stop waiting! Make your unique LG G5 photo case now and let your creativity run free!