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It’s possible to create the perfect custom phone case for your Nokia Lumia 520 with any photo you’d like. For example, take a photo of your favourite holiday with your family or friends and place it on the back of your case for you to see anytime you want! A personalised phone case for the Nokia Lumia 520 also makes for a great gift that’s worth the effort. Anyone would be happy to receive a custom phone case, regardless of the situation! Our products not only look great, but also offer the needed protection that your smartphone deserves. The amount of scratches and dents will decrease, guaranteed! We build our personalised phone cases out of long lasting materials and high quality ink in order to create the perfect product! We guarantee that your smartphone’s functionality will remain the same, because we’ve created openings where all the speakers, ports and buttons lie, so you can easily charge your Lumia 520 while listening to music. Are you missing the inspiration to find the perfect design? Well, feel free to choose from one of our design to create your very own personalised phone case. So whatever you want on a phone case, we can print! Have any questions about your order? Feel free to message our support team at and they’ll get back to you right away. Get started now!